"We become part of mother nature, by riding our boards. That precious moment, we feel alive. Again and again. The thrill provided by having and living a true passion, we can’t find elsewhere. We embrace boardsport, and the unique culture that comes with it.”

our values


“The thrill of having and living a true passion”


“Cherish earth, as our playground”


"The rush for adrenaline that makes us feel alive"


“A common passion and vision that connects us, our community”


“The enrichment of the actual - PEACE"

Salt N Floks is driven by a clear vision. We strive for the ultimate PEACE which at Salt N Floks stands for Passion, Earth, Adrenaline, Community and Enrichment. These core valuables give direction to everything we do and contribute to a better environment.

                 We care about          Our Playground

As boardsport athletes, we depend on mother nature's elements. Therefore, it is our responsibility to contribute to a sustainable planet. Salt N Floks only uses organic cotton and recycled plastic waste for its products. On top of that, all our products are fair trade, ethically justified and certified by strict labels like GOTS, Fairwear Foundation and Oeko-Tex.    Cherish earth as our playground - Salt N Floks

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